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Enterprise Management

Implementing the modern management, making competitive products and building the famous brand of “Baofeng” has always been the Company's development guideline. To improve management and overall quality of the enterprise, the company passed through ISO9001 certificate of quality system and ISO14001 certificate,and set the goals of quality development, measured the quality indicators to every department, arranged specific work for every department and well defined the responsibility of each employee. After all , the cohesive force of the enterprise was improved which guarantee the rapidly improvement of the enterprise. 

Quality Control

To guarantee the product quality, the Company sticks to the policy of " Quality Management with all staff involvement ".The Company strictly monitors the whole production process,by arranging quality inspector at every working procedure, to control the quality strictly, avoid defective products escaping into next procedure, and assure every product to be good quality , so as to keep the defective products away from customers.

With control the internal work procedure, the Company also pays great attention to the quality control of the raw material supplier. To insure the stable quality of the suppliers, the Company sends professional technicians directly to Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Turkey, India, Brazil, lran, Finland, Saudi Arabia, Norway and other countries and regions to select stone blocks of good quality and strictly control the quality inspection.

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